Rapid Solutions for Every Challenge

Experience our comprehensive services including fast response times, site assessments, flexible generator supply and leasing options, and expert site management with efficient cleanup operations.

Site Assessment and Preparations

Our skilled team conducts a pre-check of the site, including load surveys and access evaluation.


Quick deployment of generators within 24 hours in large emergencies like utility, fires, and floods.

Generator Supply and Leasing

Setting up and taking down the generators. Prioritizing uptime and safety through regular safety and maintenance checks.

Site Management and Cleanup

Clearing sites of vegetation and implementing fire mitigation strategies.


Site Assessment and PREPARATIONS

Our skilled team goes above and beyond to ensure smooth operations. We conduct comprehensive site pre-checks, including load surveys and access evaluation, considering connection methods and environmental factors. Additionally, we prioritize effective communication by updating site contacts and emergency placard information. These meticulous steps guarantee that our power solutions are customized to your specific requirements, delivering a dependable source of energy during emergencies.

Time is of the Essence

Fast Response Services

We offer quick generator deployment within 24 hours after utility, fire, and flood emergencies. Additionally, we subcontract expert electricians and HV line crews to swiftly connect generators and build temporary utility infrastructure.

Fast deployment

Generator Supply and Leasing

We offer flexible leasing options for generators, accommodating various durations from daily to monthly or longer rates. Our specialization lies in providing clean and quiet hybrid power generation solutions. We take care of the entire setup and takedown process, ensuring minimal disruption. Uptime and safety are our top priorities, as we conduct regular safety and maintenance checks to guarantee reliable and secure operation of the generators.

Clear. Mitigate. Restore.

Site Management and Cleanup

Our dedicated team excels in site management and take-down. We prioritize site preparedness and enhance conditions through comprehensive demobilization and thorough cleanup services. Our unwavering commitment to safety and environmental stewardship ensures a resilient community. Rest assured, we leave our sites in better condition than when we arrived, embodying our ethos of responsible and sustainable practices.